Njan Prakashan (TBC)
The story of a man named Prakashan who changes his name to P. R. Akash just to sound cool. Though qualified as a B.Sc. Graduate nurse, he vehemently opposes the concept of a male into the nursing profession for long. Despising nursing career, he meets a former lady colleague Salomi who is on the verge of taking up a nursing career in Germany for a much higher pay. He digresses from his original plan, tries to experiment his unfulfilled love with Salomi, learns German and foresees Germany as his final destination. However, he confides in his local guardian Gopalji, a former student of his father, that the pseudo affection showered on Salomi is just to obtain a husband visa in conjecture to the existing emigration rules. Paradoxically, Salomi cheats Prakashan with the support of her family and manages to escape to Germany, and shocks Prakashan by marrying a local. Shattered by her treachery, he works as a dailywage worker under Gopalji, and later resorts to his original profession where he is deeply moved by his friendship with Teena Mol, a sick child for whom he was appointed as a home nurse.He also develops a friendship with Shruthi, a girl living in the neighbourhood.
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