Bimba Devi Alias Yashodhara (PG)
AT THE AGE OF 16, Princess Yashodhra was selected by Prince Siddhartha to be his future wife at the Swayamwaraya held at the Kapilavastu by King Śuddhodana. AT THE AGE OF 29, Yashodhra gave birth to their only child, a boy named Rāhula. On his birth, the Prince Siddhartha left the palace. Yaśodharā was devastated and overcome with grief. AT THE AGE OF 35, when the Buddha visited Kapilavastu after enlightenment, Yaśodharā did not go to see her former husband but ask Rahula to go to Buddha to seek inheritance. For herself, she thought: "Surely if I have gained any virtue at all the Lord will come to my presence." In order to fulfill her wish Buddha came into her presence and admired her patience and sacrifice will helped him to fulfill his wishes not in this birth but also in previous birth. Sometime after her son Rāhula became a novice monk, Yaśodharā also entered the Order of Monks and Nuns and within time attained the state of an arahat. She was ordained as bhikkhuni with the five hundred women following Mahapajapati Gotami that first established the bhikkhuni Order.
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